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Applying to college, discerning where to go, and how to secure admission can be intimidating and confusing especially during the pandemic. Leaders from across the life of the church gathered online to share information about the undergraduate educational institutions that have long played an integral role in the witness and ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

National Convocation and Chapman University hosted “Preparing for College,” an interactive information seminar for Disciples youth, young adults, parents, and church leaders on November 6 and 11. Rev. Yvonne Gilmore, Interim Administrative Secretary of the National Convocation welcomed Rev. Cisa Payuyo, Associate Director of Church Relations, Chapman University, Rev. Chris Dorsey, President, Higher Education Leadership Ministries (HELM), and a host of presenters and participants. Rev. Payuyo was joined by admissions leaders, student leaders, professors, and parents of Chapman students. They offered helpful overviews and tips regarding effective application strategies and current trends across the college landscape, and a vibrant portrait of campus life as a Disciple student at Chapman. More about Chapman and Disciples on Campus here

Rev. Chris Dorsey, HELM, presented highlights about each of the fifteen Disciples related colleges and universities, and scholarship programs including the HELM Leadership Fellows program. Youth groups from churches, conventions, and regions were invited to host a pizza party courtesy of the National Convocation. Rev. Regis Bunch, Pastor, Fifth Christian Church in Cleveland, Ohio, held a pizza party for a group of 20 from his church courtesy of the National Convocation. In case you missed it, click here to access the recording. It integrates wisdom and participants from both events.


Image by Alexander Shatov