Anthony Parnther Conducts "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

Anthony Parnther Conducts "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

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Before you record yourself, you will need: 

  • The audio backing track found here.  This is the arrangement that will be used. Use the track to practice. You may want to sing it several times before you begin recording. 

  • Follow the direction, pace, and arrangement of the song on the video.


It's not necessary but if you want to practice in your vocal range, you can use the following:​​

Vocal Range: Tenor                                                                  Vocal Range: Alto  

Vocal Range: Soprano                                                              All the parts combined​​

One device to play the backing track.

Best option: this should be a computer with either headphones or earbuds.

Second device to make the recording

Best option: this should be a phone set for selfie-mode video

Sheet music

Click here if you want to look at the sheet music.  


Think about what is behind you in the video — stand where the background is either plain so that the focus is on YOU and your voice.




1.     Set your “device one” (your computer, phone, or tablet) to play the audio file through headphones

If you do not have headphones or earbuds, make sure you stand far enough away from “device one” so that the audio from that device does not ‘bleed’ too strongly into your recording device ​

2.     Set your “device two” (best if it’s a phone) to video recording (the camera should be stationary)

3.     First, start recording on device two; Second, tap/play the audio backing track

4.     Sing the whole song

5.     Tap stop on the recording when you have finished

6.     Repeat the process if you don’t like the results!

7.     Share your video - send it to ygilmore@disciples.org using “We Transfer

The National Convocation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) invites you to join the Disciples Virtual Choir as we present the anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” in February. A poem written by James Weldon Johnson, it was first recited in 1900 by a group of 500 children. The poem was set to music by Johnson's brother, John Rosamond Johnson, in 1905. Since then, the enduring anthem has been sung all over the world. It is included in almost 30 hymnals, including the African American Heritage Hymnal. It is often referred to as the “Black National Anthem.”

Let’s join our voices in singing a song of faith, courage, and hope to encourage each other during this time of isolation. Singers and musicians of all ages are invited to sing or play along with their musical instrument. We hope to see all of the faces of Jesus in the choir, and that our siblings from every expression of the church will join in singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Please submit your video by January 27, 2021. Follow the directions below.