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• For such a time as this



• Let Us Pray (Tuesday, 1/11)

• Webinar w/ stipend (1/13, 1/15)

• Legacy & Vision (Tuesday, 1/18)

• 2022 Kirkpatrick Conference 



• The Church Being the Church: Disciples leaders visit tornado affected communities

• The BLVD's 100th anniversary celebrated in Memphis Commercial Appeal 

• National City featured in Washington Post



• HELM Leadership Fellows Program 

• Week of the Laity Resources

• ALEX - 2022 Yearbook Reports

• How to Design Worship to Reach

In-person and Virtual Audiences



• 12 Days of Wellness: Mental Health Tips

• Grieving Well: Addressing Grief and Depression for Clergy and Leaders

• Learn To Live: Mental Health Resource Available to Disciples Ministers



• Tyson Food - Corporate Chaplaincy 

• Pension Fund

• Disciples Church Extension Fund

• Global Ministries / Division of Overseas



• 2022 It's Real (Save-the-Date)

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The vision of the National Convocation is to be a leaven in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) under One God as One Church with One Mission in the world, as a voice promoting pertinent issues related to the African American Church, carrying out the biblical mandate to transform lives.

SELAH will feature the vital ministries of worship, education, justice, advocacy, fellowship, and discipleship that abound throughout our congregations; as well as ministry resources, and Convocation events that are crucial for discerning future ministry and leadership of the National Convocation. There is strength in community. Please send congregational updates, ministry concerns, and prayer needs here


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Rev. Yvonne T. Gilmore

Interim Administrative Secretary

National Convocation

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Selah | January 2022
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Featured Article

A new year has dawned and 2022 is upon us. Renewed by the gifts of Christmastide, the practices of Kwanzaa, and the season of Epiphany, we greet a new complicated year and claim the resources of our faith “for a time such as this.” COVID-19 positivity rates are increasing, variants have emerged, and vaccinations are available while testing is less readily available. As we continue to mark these unprecedented times with adaptive ministry innovations and care for health and wholeness, we are invited to continue the life changing “in between” work of moving from possibility to purpose, process to discovery, and from agreeable possibilities to the “right reach” in courageous covenantal collaboration. We are invited to imagine the work of being church for a time such as this among layers of transformative gifts and exponential possibilities for ministry.

 We are invited to imagine the holy work of healing at work among layers of capacious gifts, silence, historical harm, and trauma like Esther. There is so much we don’t know about Esther. We don’t why she was compelled by Mordecai’s questions nor do we know exactly how her faith informs her choice to serve others. Esther’s imagination invites us to imagine the stakes of our own inclusion in the liberating work of God and the stakes of our position in the work of healing today “for such a time as this.” s year. More details are forthcoming soon. 


We are invited to imagine God’s limitless love alive and at work among layers of covenant relation and community building. Your interest and participation is invited as we move boldly by faith beyond the narrative arc of our re-occurring nightmares and our best fairytale’s in 2022 to God’s vision for our future.

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