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The vision of the National Convocation is to be a leaven in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) under One God as One Church with One Mission in the world, as a voice promoting pertinent issues related to the African American Church, carrying out the biblical mandate to transform lives.

SELAH will feature the vital ministries of worship, education, justice, advocacy, fellowship, and discipleship that abound throughout our congregations; as well as ministry resources, and Convocation events that are crucial for discerning future ministry and leadership of the National Convocation. There is strength in community. Please send congregational updates, ministry concerns, and prayer needs here


Rev. Dr. R. Wayne Calhoun, Sr.

Executive for Evangelism and Congregational Transformation

Disciples Home Missions

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Selah | September 2021
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Featured Article

Evangelism in the 21st Century

The Cost of Disciple Making in the 21st Century


The beginning of the 20th Century challenged us to re-examine who we were. We met that challenge. Now, we face multiple frontiers in the 21st century as unprecedented changes press in on the church from all sides. We are called to reimagine our approach to mission and ministry to grow God’s kingdom in a waning Christian society.


The vestigial images of spreading the gospel must go! New visions need to be created, endorsed, and financially supported to grow the kingdom.


This following five keys to living out your faith in your mission and ministry must be done in such a way that people will notice and ask questions. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks to give the reason for the hope that you have. Evangelism in the twenty-first century looks a lot like evangelism in the first century.


The five keys to evangelism in the 21st century are “life changing mission and ministry, hospitality, utilizing spiritual gifts, sharing faith and being media savvy.”

The Keys to Evangelism in a 21st Century Context are:

  • Real Mission and Ministry

  • A Welcoming and Hospitality Component

  • A Spiritual Gift Component

  • A Sharing or Talking About Your Faith Component

  • Media Matters Component


The cost of disciple-making in the 21st century is moving away from who we were last century and encouraging Disciples congregations to embrace and engage who God is calling us to be in this frontier called the 21st century.

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