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The vision of the National Convocation is to be a leaven in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) under One God as One Church with One Mission in the world, as a voice promoting pertinent issues related to the African American Church, carrying out the biblical mandate to transform lives.

SELAH will feature the vital ministries of worship, education, justice, advocacy, fellowship, and discipleship that abound throughout our congregations as well as ministry resources, and Convocation events that are crucial for discerning future ministry and leadership of the National Convocation. There is strength in community. Please send congregational updates, ministry concerns, and prayer needs here


Rev. Dr. William E. Crowder, Jr.

Vice President of the

Board of Trustees for the 

National Convocation

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Selah | February 2021



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Featured Article

"ROAD TRIP... 2020 WON"  

Mark 10:32-34


I love to travel, the fact is, I love everything about traveling. The excitement of experiencing a new destination, the thrill of preparing, packing, and seeing something I have not seen before. I absolutely love traveling and this love for traveling only grew when I accepted a full football scholarship to Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. This love grew, in part, because the football team traveled to a new city at least six out of the eleven games we played.


We were fortunate to experience new sights and scenes on a weekly basis. I loved the traveling or as we called it the road trips. The road trips were awesome in that they revealed a whole new world, good and bad, that was out there. It was during these road trips, over the four-year course of my football career, that I learned many valuable lessons.


One of the lessons I learned was the importance of teamwork and togetherness. The Central State University football team grew together as a family because of these road trips. The all-night bus rides and the countless airplane flights, staying in hotels, and eating at some great restaurants built a bond that is not easily broken. And even though some thirty years have passed since the last road trip I took with the Central State University football team the relationships I made then have been maintained even to this day.


The relationships that were forged by the road trips are as strong today as they were then. And as I thought about those trips thirty years ago I was reminded of the road trips Jesus took with his team of Disciples two thousand years ago. The road trip that underscores our text is found in the Gospel of Mark. In Mark 10:32-34, Jesus and his Disciples are on their way to Jerusalem. Mark conveys for us, in verse 32, that this road trip will bring a great challenge to these Disciples.


The fact is it will not be an easy road trip. Even though this road trip to Jerusalem is one that these Disciples have taken, over the course of their ministry together, with Jesus on numerous occasions. However, there is something different with this road trip as foretold by Jesus remarks (v. 33-34). In verses 32-34, Mark conveys to the Disciples the road trip itinerary.



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