Communication Briefings

Edition:  September 2020 


Rev. Dr. Timothy M. James


“How long, Lord, how long?” Four hundred years is a long time. African Americans, also known as Black People, have never really come up from slavery in these United States. The lynching of Black people after emancipation provided frightening oppression for Black people and entertainment for White people. It was also a stark reminder of the racist ideology of white supremacy. This violent tactic was designed to keep freed African American men, women and children in their place. This mindset and narrative have been the driving force behind the continuation or the perpetuation of systemic and institutional racism. Law enforcement has served as the strong arm to enforce Jim Crow laws, and legislation that legalized segregation and discrimination ever since. And it is still at work today, unfortunately on too many occasions brutal and aggressive. There is no comfort in thinking that authorities may take your life, because it is open season on Black people. BLACK LIVES MATTER!


When will it ever end? Many thanks to the men and women of the NBA, WNBA (basketball), NFL (football), MLB (baseball), NLS (soccer), PGA, LPGA (golf) and the NHL (hockey); they all participated in a wildcat strike in their respective professional sport to say, “Enough is enough!” We all need to pay attention to the issue that continues to surface when unarmed Black people are killed. Racism needs to be dismantled, police reform and accountability is needed for better community relations. Human rights for all people of color and the marginalized are threatened by the continuous social and political injustice against Black people. 


Personally, I respect the comments from Julia Jackson, mother of Jacob Blake. She has been blessed with peace from God. She has been able to make an appeal for peaceful protests. She was able to pray with everyone in the hospital room, including the police, and express a sense of forgiveness for all she has endured. God’s love is amazing, people are helped and aided through the trials and tribulations of life trusting and depending on the love of God. This love helps us to love and forgive our enemies. Prayers and forgiveness have not brought these murderous atrocities to an end. So, I also want the love of God that burns within us like a holy fire against those things, like racism, that are not like God. 


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