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The vision of the National Convocation is to be a leaven in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) under One God as One Church with One Mission in the world, as a voice promoting pertinent issues related to the African American Church, carrying out the biblical mandate to transform lives.

SELAH will feature the vital ministries of worship, education, justice, advocacy, fellowship, and discipleship that abound throughout our congregations as well as ministry resources, and Convocation events that are crucial for discerning future ministry and leadership of the National Convocation. There is strength in community. Please send congregational updates, ministry concerns, and prayer needs here


Rev. Yvonne Gilmore

Interim Administrative Secretary

for the National Convocation

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Selah | January 2021



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"Shut up in our bones: LIBERATING OUR FAITHFUL FIRE"  

Layers of aspiration and identity await our discovery as 2021 begins. As we greet the possibilities of this New Year, the fire that is “shut up in our bones,” homes, churches, and communities, grounds our attention and determination. Grieved by the forces of isolation and oppression, and the active resistance of his colleagues, the prophet Jeremiah gives voice to a fire rooted in relational wrestling with the role of the word in his work and in the wider community (Jeremiah 20:9). The fire “shut up in his bones” closed the door of denial and silence, and deepened his commitment to the work of God that was already underway. It is not a long term fire but an interim fire that calls him forward in accountability to the community and to God. With gratitude and reverence, I am writing to invite us to liberate the fire “shut up in our bones,” and to rediscover and live out the truth of our souls and our associations in the coming year. We don’t have to wait for the next biennial session to gather, we can discern God’s vision for our future and gather for reflection through monthly events online. Exciting and substantive “Fifth Sunday gatherings” have been planned, in addition to monthly prayer events and updates every second Tuesday on zoom led by leaders and members from every Convention.  


The National Convocation is a beacon for wholeness in the Black Church within the context of the movement for wholeness in the Christian Church over against the forces of fragmentation that undermine the flourishing of all of God’s beloved children. It includes almost 600 congregations and ministry settings (and counting) across the United States and Canada as we continue to nurture and welcome new churches and emerging leaders. I am deeply honored to serve in this sacred call as Interim Administrative Secretary and Associate General Minister and President to work with the Board of Trustees and with each of you to ensure that significant resources are invested in discerning future ministry, and in strengthening and amplifying the voice and leadership of the National Convocation. I have been privileged to meet many of you during my previous work at Disciples Divinity House of the University of Chicago, as an anti-racism core trainer, new church founder in Ohio, and as a previous chaplain, pastor, and interim pastor in the Christian Church Capital Area. I look forward to meeting many more of you over the next two years as we fulfill our call together to liberate and make space for the index of fire that is present throughout the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


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