Communication Briefings

Edition:  April 2020 









Rev. Dr. Timothy M. James


Confronting the coronavirus pandemic, we may put our trust in God.   Scripture: John 17:11


Jesus was asking God to keep his own people, those who have come to Jesus led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was preparing to leave this world and return to heaven. Jesus knew the disciples and believers following would have difficult days. He knew the world, the evil within it and the issues of life would be a great challenge to the Christians. Jesus was leaving us, not only in the world, but in God’s hands. He was confident that the troubles of this world could be overcome with God on their side. “In thine own name”, by your personal power, character, provision, protection and grace; keep them that you may receive all the glory.   


May we all adopt this attitude of faithful confidence in God. May our words and actions demonstrate our love for God and for one another. We are in this thing together and with God we can make it through. We are up against an invisible enemy. It is an equalizer, no respecter of persons, anybody can get this virus and die. It is acting like an executioner, seeking to kill many. Therefore, we pray for the doctors, nurses, first responders, scientists and researchers. We pray that this enemy will be eliminated, that this equalizer will be eradicated, and that the executions/deaths will come to an end. God is our Keeper and can be trusted. With assurance we may sing and pray, “Keep my heart, keep my hand, Keep my soul, I pray! Keep my tongue to speak Thy praise, Keep me all the way!” (Keep Me Everyday, F. I. Eiland). 

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