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Location:  Zoom Meeting

Time Zone: All times shown in the agenda are in the eastern time zone.

3:00 pm            Call to Order & Opening Prayer | Irie Session
Exploring new ministry possibilities and avenues with DJAN and DOM

3-4 pm              Disciples Justice and Action Network (DJAN)

                         Ken Brooker-Langston and Jack Sullivan


​4-5 pm              Division of Overseas Ministries (DOM), LaMarco Cable

5:00 pm            Executive Committee meeting



Location:  Zoom Meeting

Time Zone: All times shown in the agenda are in the eastern time zone.

10:00 am          Call to Order, Meditation & Opening Prayer | Irie Session

10:15 am          Introductions


11:00 am          Approval of Minutes

  • Overview and Approval of Agenda

  • Approval of Minutes – December 2020


11:30 am          Greetings

  • Sheila Spencer, DHM, Interim President

  • Angele Johnson, International Disciples Women (IDWM), President

  • Yvonne T. Gilmore, NCCC, Interim Administrative Secretary and Associate General Minister

         Fellowship Groups Reports

  • Pernella Shortie, Disciples Women (Claudette President)

  • Walter Parker, Disciples Men

  • Monique Crain Spells, Clergy Women

  • Edward Williams, Black Ministers

  • Eddie Anderson, Young Adults

  • Jean A. Brown, Ministers Wives, and Spouses

12:00 pm     Matters for Discussion & Action Items 

  • Executive Committee | Irie Session

In 2019 the National Convocation Board of Trustees committed to begin the process of renaming the Administrative Secretary position to better reflect the work of the Office.

  • Change Administrative Secretary title to Associate General Minister and President of the National Convocation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  • Change Board President title to Moderator, Vice-President to Vice-Moderator

  • Nominating Committee


Treasurer position – Orlando Scott

2026 slate of officers                            


  • Advisory Committee 2020-22  |  Don Gillett

  • Executive Search Policy overview  | April Johnson

      (see "additional documents" under the meeting document's tab to access the policy)

  • New Search Committee   |  William Crowder


1:00 pm         Break

1:45 pm         Interim Reflection and Discernment | Yvonne Gilmore

Presentation, reflection in small groups, and whole group conversation

1. History and mission of the National Convocation and the National Christian Missionary Convention
2. Relationships with African-American congregations and state convocations, fellowships, and conventions
3. Board governance and structure, and the role of the boards of the NCCC and NCMC

4. Operational assessment of the NCCC & NCMC                   


3:45 pm           Financial Reports - Budget & Audit

  • Investment Report | Marilyn Fiddmont

  • 2020 Finance Audit Report  |  Angelita Dobbs

  • National Convocation 2022 Budget Proposal  |  Belinda King


4:15 pm           2022 Experience It’s Real Update


Location:  Zoom Meeting



10:00 am         Meditation and Opening Prayer | William Crowder, Jr.

10:15 am         National Christian Missionary Convention - Reports

  • Jackie Compton Bunch, Chair, Black Disciples Endowment Fund

  • Dwayne Bell, General Manager, Greenwood Cemetery

  • William Lee, Director of Black Ministries and Director of the CAAM program at Lexington Seminary


11:30 am         Resume National Convocation Board of Trustees Meeting

Matters for Discussion & Action Items 

  • Monique Crain Spells, Christian Education, and Faith Formation

  • R. Wayne Calhoun, Evangelism and Congregational Transformation

  • Angele Johnson, IDWM, President; (vacant), Disciples Women Program Associate

                          Next Meeting Dates

  • Executive Committee Meeting – March 16-19,2022 – TBD

  • Board of Trustees Meeting – Nov. 30 - Dec 3, 2022 – Indianapolis, IN

  • The Experience It's Real! – July 20-23, 2022 – Fort Worth, TX


12:00 noon    Communion


                        Closing Prayer  | Yvonne Gilmore