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Minutes, Reports & Additional Documents


Board of Trustees Meeting | DECEMBER 2021



Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes | December 2020


Biennial Session Minutes 

Ministry/Fellowship Groups Updates & Reports:

Interim Administrative Secretary's Report | Yvonne Gilmore

NCC Vision and Mission Exercise & Video  | Yvonne Gilmore

Board President's Report (revised 12.2.21) | Irie Session

Disciples Home Missions | Sheila Spencer

International Disciples Women Ministry (IDWM) | Anglele Johnson

Christian Education & Faith Formation | Monique Crain Spells

Evangelism and Congregational Transformation | R. Wayne Calhoun

Star-Supporter Fund Report | R. Wayne Calhoun

Disciples Women | Pernella Shortie (Claudette President)

Disciples Men | Walter Parker

Clergy Women | Monique Crain Spells

Ministers Wives & Spouses | Jean A. Brown

Black Ministers | Ed Williams

Young Adults | Ed Anderson

Black Disciples Endowment Fund | Jackie Bunch Compton

Greenwood Cemetery | Dwayne Bell

AACLD & Black Ministries | William Lee

2021 Advisory Committee Report | Don Gillett

New Search Committee Report | William Crowder

Financial Reports: 

  1. Investment Report | Maryilin Fiddmont

  2. 2020 Audit Report for the NCCC & NCMC | Angelita Dobbs

  3. 2022 NCCC Budget Proposal (revised 12.2.21) | Belinda King

Additional Documents: 

  1. Executive Search Model

  2. Executive Search Process

  3. Executive Search Model - Supplemental Document

  4. Executive Search Model - Presentation by Rev. April Johnson

  5. Articles of Operation - Amended in 2020

  6. Vision and Mission Plan

  7. Manual for the Board of Trustees

  8. The Design for Standing Committees


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