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Online Meeting Center

Archived Minutes, Reports & Additional Documents


Previous Meetings Minutes, Reports, and Documents

Previous Meetings Minutes:

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes | December 2020

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 


Biennial Session Minutes 

  • 27th Virtual Biennial Session Minutes | August 2022

Financial Reports: 

Received Reports (2021):

Received Reports (2020):

Received Reports (2019):

2020 Experience It's Real: 

Presentation | Program-At-Glance  | Promo Event Flyer

Additional Documents: 

  1. Executive Search Model

  2. Executive Search Process

  3. Executive Search Model - Supplemental Document

  4. Executive Search Model - Presentation by Rev. April Johnson

  5. Articles of Operation - Amended in 2020

  6. Articles of Operation - Amended in 2012

  7. Vision and Mission Plan

  8. Manual for the Board of Trustees

  9. The Design for Standing Committees


The information in the Board of Trustees Online Meeting Center is considered confidential or privileged information. Information shall not be shared or released without appropriate authorization.

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